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Church's heart beats in the celebration of worship service. Churches and congregations show their own profiles in the parlicularities of their worship Services. Those who wish to get to know a congregation or church would like to know about their services.

The 5th General Assembly of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship held in Belfast in 2001 expressed the wish for stronger integration among the churches involved also in terms of Spiritual growth. Like the celebration of the annual 'Leuenberg Sunday' learning about the liturgical practice of member churches may strengthen the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe. The Liturgy Page on the CPCE Website is designed to serve this purpose. It has been created in cooperation with the Liturgy Department of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland.

It consists of:

Liturgies: orders of service of member churches

Material: liturgical resources such as drafts of concrete worship services and liturgical elements on European themes and events, main liturgical texts in all the languages of the Community, pointers to multilingual hymn books

Links: institutions and organisations specialising in the questions of liturgy using academic or practical approach

Churches are requested to inform the CPCE office of all the changes (complementation or updating) of their liturgical practices.

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