Being church together in a pandemic

The text “Being Church Together in a Pandemic – Reflections from a Protestant Perspective” offers guidance from a Protestant perspective on ethical issues arising from the corona pandemic or accentuated under these conditions. It has been published as an edition of CPCE’s magazine focus and contains an executive summary, the full text and examples from practice in the member churches.

You can download the CPCE’s statement on corona in English in PDF format here. To order the printed version in edition no. 29 of the magazine focus free-of-charge, in either English or German, please email presse(at) (citing your postal address and the number of copies you require in which language).

The conference on “What can be learned from Corona?” took place 17-19 March 2021:

The CPCE is conducting its deliberations and activities addressing the corona pandemic under the banner: God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and consideration (2 Timothy 1:7).

If you are looking for musical backup of a devotion or meditation in Lent season (and in times of Corona), visit our YouTube channel. You find there two songs of the songbook “Freitöne” (nos. 104 and 114), both in English and German.