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The document Church and Israel is regarded as the first endeavour by European Reformation churches to define a common position on the relationship between Christians and Jews.

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The document Church and Israel is regarded as the first endeavour by European Reformation churches to define a common position on the relationship between Christians and Jews. It offers analyses of the biblical foundations and historical development of the relationship between the Church and Israel, discusses previous attempts to clarify the difficult relationship and finally develops its own definition of this relationship. It concludes with practical recommendations on considering Judaism in theology and the church, and a call to take joint responsibility for the world. The document was adopted in 2001 by the General Assembly of the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe and is reprinted without change in this new edition. It is supplemented by a report of the conference held to evaluate its reception 10 years later, in 2011, and by two assessments of the study presented on that occasion by Peter Scherle and Micha Brumlik.

Das Dokument Kirche und Israel gilt als die erste gemeinsame Positionsbestimmung der reformatorischen Kirchen Europas zum Verhältnis von Christen und Juden. Es bietet Analysen der biblischen Grundlagen und der geschichtlichen Entwicklung des Verhältnisses von Kirche und Israel, erörtert bisherige Versuche einer Klärung der schwierigen Beziehung und entfaltet schließlich eine eigene Bestimmung dieses Verhältnisses. Praktische Empfehlungen zur Berücksichtigung des Judentums in Theologie und Kirche sowie ein Aufruf zur Wahrnehmung der gemeinsamen Weltverantwortung schließen die Studie ab. In der Neuauflage wird der Text, der 2001 von der Vollversammlung der Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen in Europa verabschiedet wurde, unverändert abgedruckt, ergänzt wurden ein Bericht von einer Auswertungstagung des Jahres 2011 und zwei dort vorgetragene Bewertungen der Studie von Peter Scherle und Micha Brumlik.

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The document ‘Church and Israel’ marks the first joint theological contribution of the Reformation churches in Europe to the relationship between Church and Israel. A draft document, whose genesis is outlined in its introduction stage by stage, was worked out between 1996 and 1999 by a Leuenberg working group pursuant to a resolution of the 4th General Assembly of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship (Vienna 1994). In 2000 it underwent a discernment procedure in the signatory churches of the Leuenberg Agreement and some other churches and church families.

It was submitted to the 5th Leuenberg General Assembly in Belfast for an in-depth discussion and was adopted unanimously on 24 June 2001 in the present form. Its consequence was elucidated by Wilhelm Hüffmeier – himself actively involved from the onset in the ‘Church and Israel’ working group as director of the Leuenberg Secretariat – in his introduction to the Leuenberg document ‘The Church of Jesus Christ’ as follows: ‘The General Assembly identifies itself with this text. The text formulates the consensus reached on this issue. Although this consensus does not possess the binding force like the Agreement accepted by each individual church, it does constitute a high degree of commitment for the theological work of the churches affiliated through the Leuenberg Fellowship’ (The Church of Jesus Christ. The Contribution of the Reformation towards Ecumenical Dialogue on Church Unity, Leuenberg Documents 1, Frankfurt/M. 1995, p.77). Accordingly, the 5th General Assembly requested the churches in its resolution to ‘receive the results of the doctrinal conversations and to take them into account in Christian/Jewish dialogue and in their own work on the issue »Church and Israel«.’