Europe – a path towards reconciliation and a place for diversity

Protestant churches call for participation in the European elections

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) encourages people to participate in the European elections in May 2019. During the Council session in Vienna, the leading body of the CPCE highlighted this opportunity to play an active role in shaping the European living environment.

“The Protestant churches in Europe focus intensively on matters of democracy and co-determination,” says the General Secretary of the CPCE, Dr Mario Fischer.

As the churches’ mission does not halt at national borders, this enables them to make an important contribution to social and cultural cohesion throughout their regions and across Europe, he goes on to explain.

The CPCE has issued a statement reminding people to consider the process of European integration as an act of peace and reconciliation in the wake of the devastating wars waged during the 20th century.

Furthermore, it points out that many challenges can no longer be overcome by nations acting alone.

The Protestant churches, most of them from the vantage point of a minority, view Europe as a “space for diversity”. The CPCE maintains that precisely democracy and democratic elections ensure minorities are given a voice and a place in political discussions and decision-making.

The statement emphasises that the elections to the European Parliament can help diversity continue to flourish in Europe while influencing the process of integration and reconciliation at the same time.

The CPCE is encouraging people to participate in these elections and providing liturgical and promotional material on this subject for its member churches at

In return, the European Protestant churches are invited to submit their own position papers and ideas for worship on the CPCE’s European Elections web page.