The 13-member Council does the business of the CPCE between General Assemblies and determines the direction of the theological and organizational work of the CPCE bodies and office.

The CPCE consists of the following members:




1. Heetderks, Jan-Gerd
Protestant Church in the Netherlands

1. Rieth, Klaus
Evangelical Church of Wurttemberg

2. Jørgensen, Kirsten
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark

2. Graff-Kallevåg, Kristin
Church of Norway

3. Kopsch, Cordelia
Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau

3. Killat, Barbara
Evangelical Church in Central Germany

4. Locher, Gottfried
Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches
Member of the Presidium

4. Hirzel, Martin
Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches

5. McPake, John
Church of Scotland

5. Bradbury, John
United Reformed Church

6. Põder, Thomas-Andreas
Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

6. Brzóska, Marcin
Evangelical Church A.C. in Poland

7. Rudolph, Barbara
Evangelical Church in the Rhineland

7. Kayser, Susanne
Evangelical Church of Bremen

8. Tarr Cselovszky, Klára
Lutheran Church in Hungary
Member of the Presidium

8. Bölcskei, Gusztáv
Reformed Church in Hungary

9. Thaarup, Jørgen
United Methodist Church, Central Conference Northern Europe

9. Pöll, Lothar
United Methodist Church, Central Conference Central and Southern Europe

10. Teichmanis, Susanne
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg

10. Hauschildt, Friedrich
United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany

11. Weinrich, Michael
Union of Evangelical Churches
Member of the Presidium

11. Martin, Michael
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria

12. Wieland-Maret, Esther
United Protestant Church in France

12. Gajewski, Pawel
Waldensian Evangelical Church in Italy

13. Zikeli, Daniel
Evangelical Church A.C. in Romania

13. Boukis, Dimitrios
Greek Evangelical Church


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