“Unity in reconciled diversity” is the model of the Church unity of the CPCE. Thanks to intensive theological work CPCE member churches did not only overcome historical doctrinal divisions, but deepen their communion through many further study processes and doctrinal discussions.

A group of young theologians from CPCE member churches is invited to engage in the current work and accompany the current study processes of the CPCE. We invite senior undergraduate or graduate theology students, pastors in training, and pastors from the CPCE’s member churches aged up to 32 years to the first study conference at Westminster College, Cambridge/UK, 14-18 October 2020.

If you are interested and meet the requirements (see flyer), please contact your church to be nominated for this study process!

Due to the current Corona crisis (that may have prevented candidates from seeking nomination) the deadline has been prolonged until 15 May, 2020!

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Photo: GEKE/M. Martin