With various staff members having entered retirement or completed their secondment, the CPCE’s main office in Vienna is seeking new colleagues from the start of 2020!

The CPCE is involved in various specific fields of work that offer theology students (either undergraduate or postgraduate), pastors, ecumenical officers or people associated with universities the chance to make a very useful contribution. We can consider and implement all sorts of working models – from temporary, part-time positions (alongside working on a dissertation, for instance) to long-term, full-time employment. The wide range of topics that the CPCE addresses helps achieve a good balance between staff members’ special interests and the CPCE’s fields of work. Right now, we are seeking support in the areas of liturgy, social ethics and church development. Our working languages are German and English.

As contractual legalities for personnel and financial circumstances differ enormously between churches and countries, every enquiry will be dealt with on an individual basis. The CPCE is particularly keen to involve younger generations more heavily in its work processes. If you would be interested in working in the CPCE, please contact General Secretary Dr Mario Fischer directly (m.fischer@leuenberg.eu, +43/699 18878 050) to discuss your interests and plans. He will be happy to fill you in on our current projects and explore the potential for working together!

Photo (GEKE): “Evangelisches Zentrum” in Vienna´s 18th district, with CPCE´s office on the top floor