Vienna, 1994

Growing Fellowship in Witness and Service – Reformation Churches in Europe

4th General Assembly, 3-10 May 1994

The churches of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship involved in the Leuenberg Agreement (1973) held their 4th General Assembly in Vienna from 3 to 10 May 1994 under the theme “Growing Fellowship in Witness and Service – Reformation Churches in Europe”. 161 participants, among them 98 delegates from 65 Protestant churches in Europe and South America, and 64 observers, guests, advisors, interpreters and staff members met together at the Konzilsgedächtniskirche in Lainz. The General Assembly had three thematic focal points. First, the results of the doctrinal conversations carried out between 1987 and 1994 – on the church, sacraments of baptism and eucharist, the Christian witness of freedom – were discussed, accepted and forwarded to the churches for their reception. Secondly, broadening the church fellowship by European Methodist churches’ joining the Fellowship was discussed. Furthermore it was agreed to seek bilateral and multilateral talks with representatives of the Baptist church and other churches linked through the Leuenberg Agreement (1973), Meissen Agreement (1988) or Porvoo Agreement (1992). Thirdly, ways and means were discussed to reach more consolidation of the Leuenberg churches in witness and service.

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