Regional Groups

A cloudy new day. Alsace-Lorraine/Saalrand/Rheinland-Pfalz. CC/Wolfgang Staudt

The CPCE consists of 94 member churches. Many churches have combined in regional groups to strengthen collaboration between the churches and in so doing enrich the life of the churches.

The General Assembly gratefully notes the commitment of the churches in the regional groups of the CPCE, the South East Central Europe Group and the North West Europe Group. It also acknowledges the work of the Conference of the Churches on the Rhine and confirms the CCR intention to bring its fellowship as a commitment into the CPCE. It is delighted at the reports of the collaboration of the CPCE churches on the Rio de la Plata and encourages them to strengthen their co-operation, and if possible also include other Protestant churches of the South American continent.
The General Assembly also gratefully notes the proposals for founding new regional groups and asks the churches concerned to develop their initiatives further, taking note of the framework established above.

Within the CPCE there are the following regional groups:

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