Reformation Jubilee 2017: A Celebration with European Dimensions

On the occasion of the installation of Margot Kässmann in Berlin as the Ambassador of the German Evangelical Church for the Reformation Jubilee in 2017, the President of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), Thomas Wipf, referred to the European dimension of the Reformation and announced the project “Europa reformata – 500 Years Reformation”.

Wipf described the preparations of the German protestant churches for the jubilee in 2017 as a significant impulse for the European churches of the Reformation. The CPCE, which binds together 105 churches in Europe, has the task of making the Reformation commemoration in Europe visible in its confessional and ecumenical breadth. “Our project is to be understood as complementing the numerous activities of the member churches in individual countries,” explained Wipf in his word of greeting in the Emperor Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin.

“Europa reformata” offers member churches the chance to network and present their plans together. Initiatives and events under this common trade mark should draw attention to the Reformation as a happening with various confessional and geographical foci. Cities which had a special significance during the Reformation or for its development can also be distinguished as Cities of the European Reformation with the label “Europa reformata”. The project is to be launched at the CPCE General Assembly in Florence in September.

“The General Assembly will also be concerned intensively with the importance of the Reformation for the church of the future and life in our modern society,” said Wipf. “A merely historical commemoration of the Reformation of the Christian churches beginning 500 years ago would be too little!” So the forum “Protestant churches in Europe moving forward” will play a great part in the General Assembly.

“The importance of the Reformation, its impact right up to today’s contexts and beyond, is also a reason to celebrate,” emphasized the CPCE President, “a celebration across Europe in many places and full of the joy and enthusiasm of their hosts!” CPCE is ready for the intensive cooperation with the member churches to ensure the success of this celebration of freedom and encouragement.

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