„Let´s carry the spirit of this conference to the General Assembly“

„Let´s carry the spirit of this conference to the General Assembly“ (C. Kopsch)
On April 24-25 2013, CPCE hosted the preparating conference of the protestant CEC member churches for the General Assembly of CEC which will take place in Budapest from 3 to 8 July 2013.
About 40 delegates, church representatives and experts gathered in Vienna to obtain and exchange information and to discuss what will be decided upon in Budapest, which will be no less than the future of CEC in terms of its constitution, including its vision, mission, new structures,  and fields of work.
Colin Ride, member of the CEC Revision Working Group RWG, explained the mandate, the working method (including member churches´ reactions) as well as the results that were reached by this group – the “Uppsala Report”, which contains suggestions for a new CEC constitution and a roadmap. Christoph Thiele of the RWG provided detailed information about the constitution and the intentions behind certain proposed aspects, e.g. size and competences of the proposed new governing board, while CEC General Secretary Guy Liagre concentrated on the planned transition process. Four working groups, introduced by Klaus Rieth, moderator of the first conference day, dealt with aspects of a future co-operation between CPCE and CEC and with protestant churches´ wishes (and visions) concerning the transition of CEC. An overview on history and goals of the two European bodies CPCE and CEC were given by Cordelia Kopsch, Council Member of CPCE and Vice President of CEC.
The conference´s host, CPCE General Secretary Michael Bünker, expressed his warm thanks to delegates and experts for coming to Vienna and for taking the chance to get informed about and prepared for the CEC General Assembly in Budapest.

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