Conference: Expert Meeting of the Protestant Churches in Europe on the Accompaniment of Dying

An international expert meeting on the accompaniment of dying and questions at the end of life in the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing from 7th to 9th February 2011 will prepare the publication of a CPCE aid to orientation on the theme.

“A time to live, a time to die” is the title of the joint aid to orientation of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, CPCE, on the accompaniment of dying and decisions at the end of life. An international expert conference on this is taking place from 7th to 9th February in the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing. The results of the conference will feed into the final reworking of the aid to orientation, which must then be approved by the CPCE Council before it is finally published.

The expert conference with participants from the 105 CPCE member churches will begin with a fundamental consideration of the aid to orientation as it lies before it, and then discuss in three working groups the themes, “Thelogical, ethical and social questions”, “Dying in the clinical context” and “Accompanied dying and assistance to suicide”. Finally an overview will be offered of the the planned united position of the CPCE churches on accompanying of dying and questions at the end of life.

Many member churches of CPCE have spoken in the past years on questions associated with the end of life. At the same time divergent legal provisions in the European states in recent years have led to tensions between individual countries. At the same time the European legal framework for questions of the accompaniment of dying is being continually further developed by decisions of the Council of Europe and the European Court.

This makes it increasingly urgent for the churches in Europe to consult on joint positions on questions at the end of life. In the last two years the CPCE’s “Expert Group on Ethics” has evaluated the positions taken by the Protestant churches but also in the wider ecumenical scene and other confessional families and worked out an aid to orientation which is now being taken into the consultation process of the CPCE churches.

Vienna/Berne, 25th January 2011

Zur Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen in Europa (GEKE) – Leuenberger Kirchengemeinschaft haben sich 105 protestantische Kirchen in Europa (und in Südamerika) zusammen geschlossen. Lutherische, reformierte, unierte, methodistische und vorreformatorische Kirchen gewähren einander durch ihre Zustimmung zur Leuenberger Konkordie von 1973 Kanzel- und Abendmahlsgemeinschaft. Die Anschrift lautet: GEKE-Geschäftsstelle, Severin-Schreiber-Gasse 3, A-1180 Wien, Tel.: +43.1.4791523.900, Telefax: +43.1.4791523.580, Email:, Internet: Pressekontakt: Dipl. theol. Thomas Flügge (Bern), Tel. +41.31.37025.02, Fax .80, Mobil: +41.79.6401902, Email:

Picture: CC/Wikimedia/Gerbil

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