North West Group

The meetings within the framework of the “Leuenberg North West Group” go back to an initiative of the late Rhineland Praeses Peter Beier. In 1990 the initial core of the group was formed by the United Protestant Church in Belgium, the Evangelical Church of the Rhineland and the three Reformation churches from the Netherlands. Later, other German churches joined, as well as churches from Luxembourg and Alsace, so that today ten churches from four countries belong to the North West Group.

Since 1991 there have been annual conferences at various places in Europe: Brussels, Hofgeismar, Düsseldorf, Kloster Frenswegen in Nordhorn, Utrecht, Mülheim, Stapelage, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Strasbourg, Bielefeld and Kassel. Primarily the leading clergy of the churches and members of the church governments take part. The topics are always chosen with a view to their topicality for the member churches, e.g. “Church and Israel”, “Evangelising – Protestant Perspectives for the Churches in Europe” or “The Shape and Shaping of Protestant Churches in a Changing Europe”. Alongside the themes mentioned, which served as preparation for the General Assemblies in Belfast and Budapest, important concerns for the North West Group are cultivating Euregio work, care of migrants and asylum-seekers, and an intensive exchange over the situation of member churches.

The North West Group has given particular support to a Protestant European Synod.

The following churches belong to the Leuenberg North West Group:

  • Evangelical Church of Westphalia
  • Church of Lippe
  • Evangelical Reformed Church
  • Evangelical Church of the Rhineland
  • Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Landeck
  • United Methodist Church in Germany
  • United Protestant Church of Belgium
  • Protestant Church in the Netherlands
  • Reformed Protestant Church of Alsace-Lorraine
  • Protestant Church of Luxembourg
  • Reformed Church of Luxembourg
  • Remonstrante Broederschap


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