Being protestant in Europe

30 Years Leuenberg Church Fellowship

On the occasion of the Executive Committee meeting of the “Community of Protestant Churches in Europe” (CPCE), the new name of this alliance of 103 Protestant Churches, a festschrift was presented under the title of “Being Protestant in Europe. 30 Years of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship” (Publishing House Otto Lembeck, Frankfurt/Main, 164 pages with texts and pictures, 10 EUR*). The 13-member Executive Committee which runs business between general assemblies, met from 31 October to 2 November in Leuenberg, the very place of its foundation thirty years ago.

Editors of the Festschrift are the CPCE Secretary, President Dr Wilhelm Hüffmeier (Berlin), and the CPCE Press Officer, OKR (senior church official) Udo Hahn (Hanover). In Festschrift two contemporary witnesses, OKR (retired) Dr Helmut Zeddies and Prof. Marc Lienhard, look back on the birth of the “Leuenberg Agreement”, the founding document of this inner-Protestant consensus among Lutheran, Reformed and United churches along with the pre-Reformation churches such as Hussites and Waldensians and since 1997 also the Methodist churches. The CPCE Theology Officer Prof. Martin Friedrich describes the evolution of this alliance after 1973, the founding year. And the President of the CPCE, Prof. Elisabeth Parmentier (Strasbourg), unfolds her perspectives for the work of this community in an interview with Udo Hahn.

In the foreword Hüffmeier and Hahn write: “The Leuenberg Agreement has a great future ahead: It constitutes the theological basis for the consolidation of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe and as such serves as a spiritual and cultural bond among peoples and nations of our integrating continent.”

Dr. Wilhelm Hüffmeier, Udo Hahn (Hg./eds.)

164 pages, 7,50 Euro

ISBN 10: 3-87476-490-7

ISBN 13: 978-3-87476-490-2

2003 Verlag Otto Lembeck, Frankfurt am Main

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