On the relationship of the Protestant churches of Europe to Judaism

In recent weeks, sparked off by events in the Roman Catholic Church, there has been a widespread discussion on the relationship of the church to Judaism and the responsibililty which accrues to Christianity from the Shoah, the murder of millions of European Jews. The Christian churches have redefined their attitude to the people of Israel after 1945.

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe – Leuenberg Church Fellowship has made important statements on these questions both in its foundation document and in two further documents which its member churches have unanimously endorsed. Here we have brought together the most important sections. This should make the position of our churches clear. Precisely because there are still tendences towards "forgetfulness of Israel“ and anti-Semitism in the Protestant churches too, the documents should be studied and their recommendations for action implemented.

"In the struggle against all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism, the Church knows it stands side by side with Israel” (Church and Israel I, 1, 1, 2).

Martin Friedrich

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