Law and Gospel

This doctrinal conversation group was launched after the 1994 General Assembly in Vienna with the task of working on the subject of “Law and Gospel”, with special reference to decision-making in ethical questions. The 2001 General Assembly took notice of this study, which looks into different understandings of law and gospel in the Lutheran, Reformed and Methodist traditions, and forwarded it to the CPCE member churches for comments. Taking account of the comments received, the editorial group produced a revised text, which was approved by the Executive Committee under the new title: “Law and Gospel”, also with reference to decision-making in ethical questions.

The Executive Committee decided that the paper should not be submitted to the churches for an official reception. However, recognising that it is a considerable contribution towards the clarification of inner-Reformation differences and can be useful for ethical decision-making in the churches, the Executive Committee thanked the editorial group for its work and decided to send the text to the churches with the request to take it into consideration when expressing their views on ethical questions.

The revised text is available here for downloading. In 2007 it was published in the bilingual series “Leuenberg Documents” (as no. 10).

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