Dialogue between EBF and CPCE on the Doctrine and Practice of Baptism

Dialogue between the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) and the European Baptist Federation (EBF) on the Doctrine and Practice of Baptism

Leuenberg Documents 9

Following a first series of dialogue between the (then) Leuen­berg Church Fellowship and the representatives of European Baptists in 1999 and 2000, a series of official consultations took place between 2002 and 2004 between the European Bap­tist Federation (EBF) and the Community of Protestant Chur­ches in Europe – Leuenberg Church Fellowship – (CPCE). The present book documents the final communiqué and some papers of this dialogue. The introduction to the final communi­qué gives more detailed information on its background and process. After the final Report which had been adopted unanimously by the both delegations was received by the CPCE Executive Committee and the EBF Council, it was forwarded to the CPCE member churches and the EBF member unions. It is expected to be studied at first at national and regional levels. In various countries, e.g. in Britain, France and Italy, the docu­ment has become object of new or ongoing dialogues between Baptists and CPCE churches. It is our hope that it will promote and intensify in manifold ways the cooperation between our communities. A possible resumption of the dialogue proposed to be held after the CPCE General Assembly in autumn 2006 would certainly lead to a further intensification of fellowship.

In order that the document might be studied across Europe, we are presenting it to the public in this bilingual publication. It has been published only at the websites of the two organisa­tions up to now. The German version, albeit without the intro­duction, was printed in the Ökumenische Rundschau 2004, pp. 387-397. The initial reception in ecumenical and theologi­cal circles was very encouraging. Most of all, the common state­ments on baptism, which in some respects go beyond the scope of existing convergences and may open a way to the over­coming of the controversies, have met with keen interest.

Wilhelm Hüffmeier; Tony Peck (Hg.)

ISBN 3-87476-469-9

2005 Verlag Otto Lembeck, Frankfurt am Main

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