Forum of the Churches of the Northern Region

In 2010, the Evangelical Lutheran Folk Church in Denmark invited the member churches of the CPCE in Northern Europe and the churches linked with the work of the CPCE in this region to a consultation in Copenhagen. The subject was “Theological aspects of worship services”.

One result of the meeting was the agreement also to work together in the future. However, the meetings should normally not be binding and would consciously refrain from a commitment to overall conditions or any official agreement on the form of cooperation. It was generally felt that this would be more readily accepted than a “European structure” along the lines of the existing regional groups. The participants agreed that a forum with ad hoc meetings was the appropriate form to promote a neighbourly network of churches stretching from Great Britain via Scandinavia and Northern Germany to the Baltic region. It was jointly agreed that the churches of the region would take it in turn to issue invitations to such meetings.

In September 2011, in addition to the Danish Church, the Church of Norway indicated its readiness to issue an invitation for a meeting in the spring of 2012 in Oslo. At present, the plans envisage a forum of the churches in Northern Europe to prepare for the General Assembly of the CPCE in 2012 in Florence.

Forum Churches in 2012: Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Evangelical Lutheran Folk Church in Denmark, Evangelical Methodist Church in Denmark, Methodist Church in Great Britain, CPCE, Church of Scotland, Church of Sweden, North Elbian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Reformed Church in Lithuania.

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