CPCE focus 17 (3/2012)

Proceedings and insights from the 7th General Assembly of the CPCE in Florence - including the all new CPCE Council.

CPCE focus 17

  • Free for the Future - Responsibility for Europe
    The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) has gathered together in Florence on the occasion of its 7th General Assembly, convening just as the process of European integration is experiencing a fundamental crisis, the repercussions of which are quite immense for Europe’s citizens, society, democracy and the process of European integration. This situation prompted the General Assembly to issue this address not only to the member churches of the CPCE but to the general public throughout Europe as well.
  • „And he is sent out into the world again“
    Sermon for the Induction of the new Council of the Community of European Churches (CPCE), 7th General Assembly, by Bishop Prof. Dr. Friedrich Weber, 26 September 2012, Florence.
  • The CPCE Council
    13 members, 9 countries, 8 newly-elected, 5 re-elected, 4 denominations, 3 presidents, 1 community: we present the Council of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe.
  • Greifbar frei
    Liturgisches Leben der Vollversammlung. Von Adel David.
  • Dialogues bibliques Européennes
    Des journées de rencontre et une communion ecclésiale vivante. De Tamara Hahn.
  • Glaubensbildung
    Die Weitergabe des Glaubens im europäischen Protestantismus. Von Hans-Jürgen Luibl und Martin Friedrich.
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