Europe. CC/Niccolo Caranti

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe is to be put in the position of bearing more prompt and prominent witness than hitherto in current important questions of politics, society and the ecumene, and especially of developing the presence of the Protestant churches at a European level. Thus the 5th General Assembly of the LCF in Belfast in 2001 established the task in social ethics. The 6th General Assembly of the CPCE in Budapest in September 2006 added that the representation of a "Protestant voice in Europe" and a resolute appearance of the church over against the political institutions of Europe are particularly important and should be promoted further.

The work of the CPCE in social ethics is being coordinated in Brussels by Frank-Dieter Fischbach, a member of the Commission for Church and Society of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). In addition the CPCE has called into being a "group of experts on ethics". You will find information about this and the results of work on the following pages.

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