Ecclesia semper reformanda

In many of the CPCE churches at present, discussions are going on about structural reforms, guiding models are being identified or new forms of church work are being tested. But the vision does not always go beyond the limits of the particular church concerned. In order to make the subject more European, a group of young ecumenists from the CPCE churches has been working since 2009 on the theme: “Ecclesia semper reformanda. Ecclesiological reflections on the renewal of the Protestant churches in Europe”. Its task has been to analyse various projects, to see how the reflections relate to theology and evaluate them and to examine whether they provide possibilities for a common practice of witness and service.

After three consultations a document was submitted at the end of 2011 which was received by the General Assembly 2012 with thanks. Additionally the General assembly requested the member churches to "take it into consideration in relation to their continuing or future processes of reform."

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European City of the Reformation