Weissbuch zum interkulturellen Dialog

Beitrag der GEKE zum Konsultationsprozess 'Weissbuch zum interkulturellen Dialog' des Europarates

Stellungnahme des Präsidiums der GEKE

Aus der Einleitung:

In the Charta Oecumenica the Protestant churches have committed themselves to promoting the union of the European continent. The churches can introduce their special proximity to places and peoples here. This includes their special concern for minorities and the socially outcast, since they know the dangers of the pressure towards assimilation and therefore support an integrative society, which accords minorities corresponding rights and opportunities. The Protestant churches can introduce to Europe the model of ‘unity in reconciled diversity’. From a history of centuries of repudiation and rejection a community of churches has come into being which has found its way towards reconciliation. The Protestant churches can and want to contribute to the future of Europe with the experiences of this way of reconciliation.

We thank the Council of Europe for the opportunity to share our views on intercultural dialogue and to bear witness to our experience in such a dialogue. Our contribution is linked to the joint contribution of the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches (CSC of CEC) and of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME), with whom we work closely together. We will therefore only respond to some of the questions, which are of specific interest for the Protestant churches in Europe.

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