CPCE commemorating 2017

The aim of our “Cities of the Reformation” project is to show that the Reformation ideal was already dispersed throughout many countries from the start, not just in Germany. More than 70 towns and cities have already signed up. In these Reformation cities, the Church and municipal authorities are working together to organise mainly cultural and academic events to commemorate the quincentenary of the Reformation. A dedicated website at www.reformation-cities.org provides information on the events and activities on offer and explains the Reformation heritage of these cities and towns.

Many of the towns and cities involved in the CPCE’s project are also stations on the EKD’s Reformation Roadmap. A major event will take place between Nov. 2016 and May 2017at these stations. On the special day in question, a Roadmap truck will visit the station and present information and talks on the Reformation. https://r2017.org/en/european-roadmap/

The CPCE’s main combined service of worship to mark the quincentenary of the Reformation will be held on 19 March 2017 in Wittenberg’s St. Mary’s town church. The premiere performance of the winning entries to the European Reformation Song Contest will be celebrated during this service. Bishop Ilse Junkermann will deliver the sermon.

-          A reception will be held after the service, which all members of the congregation are warmly invited to attend along with the member churches’ honorary guests. Invitaion below (PDF).

The top songs from the Song Contest will also be published in a  special edition by Strube Verlag.

To help the member churches celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation in their worship, the CPCE is publishing a prayer and meditation book entitled “Fröhlich in dir” containing texts from a number of European churches. These texts can also be used to conduct multilingual services of worship thanks to English or German translations of the original works in other languages.

The World Exhibition of Reformation in Wittenberg under the banner “Gateways to Freedom” is one of the EKD’s major events to celebrate the quincentenary. Member churches from the CPCE will be among the exhibitors at the CPCE’s own pavilion throughout. You can find out which of our member churches will be running  the CPCE’s stand along with the topics and schedule here from the end of 2016.

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