Belfast, 2001

PD/Fasach Nua

Reconciled Diversity – the Mission of the Protestant Churches in Europe

5th General Assembly, 18-25 June 2001

More than 160 church representatives gathered together at the Queen’s University of Belfast to the 5th General Assembly of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship (LCF) which took place from 18 to 25 June 2001 under the theme of “Reconciled Diversity – the Mission of the Protestant Churches in Europe”. The LCF Executive Committee had readily accepted the invitation of the Irish member churches. The choice of this conflict-ridden place Belfast as venue reflects the thematic focus. It is the specific task of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship to be engaged in overcoming the tensions and divisions caused by denominational divergences, and establishing the living together in a “reconciled diversity”. First of all the General Assembly discussed the results of the theological work between 1994 and 2001, among others the findings of the discussion of the project group “Church and Israel” and the “South and Southeast Europe Regional Group” and the draft of the project group “Law and Gospel” as well as the work of the Executive Committee. Secondly two important ecumenical dialogues were on the agenda. The basis of discussion about the dialogue with the Anglicans was the report of the consultation between the churches of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship and the churches involved in the Meissen Agreement and the Porvoo Agreement. The dialogue with the Baptists was discussed on the basis of the resultant report. Thirdly, besides the theme “reconciled diversity” framed by keynote speeches and visits to the sites of reconciliation work in Belfast, debates about important subjects ware carried out for the first time according to the “open space” conference method.

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