After the referendum Considering the Referendum in the UK, CPCE General Secretary Bishop Michael Bünker stresses that CPCE´s member churches across Europe will continue to strengthen their...
CPCE Office during the holiday season CPCE´s head office in Vienna will be open during the summer months July and August - except from July 4-8, due to participation at the "Christlichen Begegnungstage...
CPCE addresses the first Pan-Orthodox Council of the modern era Find the address here as a pdf.   Picture: Mario Fischer/CPCE
CPCE on the ordination of women in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia On 3 June 2016, the CPCE’s representatives learned from press reports that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia will in future only allow men to become pastors. The...
Statements on the refugee crisis Here we provide statements on the refugee crisis by CPCE member churches and other institutions.

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